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Luxury swimwear
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Luxury swimwear
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Luxury swimwear


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Luxury Swimwear & Designer Bikini Styles

Providing the best in Luxury Swimwear and designer bikini styles, Water Vixen Swim, makes designer swimsuits with flawless fit. Quality and a flattering-fit are our top priorities, along with the highest customer service.

We make our designer bikini designs in the USA. When selecting luxury swimwear, we know that it is important for you to look and feel your best. Unlike many high end swimwear companies, we understand that the fit is the most important part.

Its all about making you look and feel your best!

Get Your Luxury Swimwear Fast!

When you order, your item is shipped from within the USA! This means no long waiting periods. Its easy to order and easy to return and exchange when needed.

The Perfect Fitting Designer Swimsuit

What good is a designer bikini if it doesn’t fit correctly?

If you wear luxury swimwear you need a style which molds to your body to fit you perfectly. If the designer bikini digs into your waist or hip, and creates unsightly or unwanted pinching or digging.

That will only lead you to want to cover up your high end swimwear. What a waste! At Water Vixen Swim, we want you to feel confident and beautiful! That is why we make a flawless fit our top priority.

Luxury Swimwear Selection

First, our selection of Luxury Swimwear includes the hottest fashion trends in designer bikini styles with luxurious high quality details. And we are always evolving to bring you the best and latest exciting looks for your exotic getaways, pool parties, or days at the beach.

Next, If you want a versatile collection of high end swimwear that you know will adjust to fit your body, then look no further. You have found the ultimate selection at Water Vixen Swim. To see what’s new in our luxury swimwear collection, click here

Designer Swimsuits with the Right Coverage

Many Water Vixen Swim customers only buy luxury swimwear from international companies. This is because many American high end swimwear companies are behind the times in terms of fashion, style, fit, and quality.  However, they are switching to Water Vixen Swim luxury swimwear bikini styles because these bikinis fit a body flawlessly. Also without covering too much. Water Vixen Swim luxury swimwear covers enough of the body to make you feel comfortable. Yet it still gives the illusion of a sexy little bikini, without making you feel so exposed in your designer bikinis.

Luxury Swimwear Made in the USA

Most Luxury swimwear from Water Vixen Swim is made in the United States of America. When you are shopping for designer bikinis, it is important to make sure the high end swimwear you are buying is made in the USA. This is because that means the quality is better, you’re supporting the USA economy. Read more details about the company and the swimsuit designer here:

Supporting Local Economy

Moreover, you are also supporting legal work conditions that US Citizens have voted is fair treatment of workers. When you buy articles made in third world countries, made by children, or by slave labor, that is never a luxury item.

Highest Quality Swimwear. Made to Last.

Furthermore, unfortunately too many cheap brands claim they provide luxury swimwear or high end swimwear. When in reality, the quality is bad, it is not really a luxury item, and it is just overpriced.

When shopping for designer bikinis or any designer item, it is more than just searching for expensive bikinis. It is more important to take note of the quality of materials used too. As well as, where the items are made. Lastly, That will be a good indication of how well made the item is. And of how long your luxury swimsuit will last.

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