Wholesale designer swimwear

WHOLESALE Designer Swimwear

Have a Store and Want to Sell The Ultimate in Luxury Swimwear to Your Clients?
You came to the Right Place

Buy Wholesale Designer Swimwear in Bulk for Resell at Your Shop

Wholesale Designer Swimwear

If you are a store owner and/or buyer for a store which already buys
& sells wholesale designer swimwear and sells luxury swimwear,
please send us a message here for consideration. We Offer favorable terms including Low minimums for getting started.

Please list the following:

  • Your Name & Title in the Company
  • Name, address and phone number of your shop
  • Your valid seller’s permit number
  • Online retailer or brick and mortar shop or both?
  • Which other brands of wholesale designer swimwear you already buy/sell?
  • City and State in which you operate

Water Vixen Swim is an exclusive and high-end luxury swimwear brand, and we work hard to have a great reputation.
In order to maintain our image, we only consider wholesale designer
swimwear buyers with an excellent track record of working with luxury
swimwear brands, and stores who also have excellent customer service
practices and reputations.

If this describes you, then we look forward to being your newest wholesale designer swimwear and luxury swimwear brand supplier.