Bikini Rockin-Ready: Waking Abs Up & Out of Hibernation!

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Remember when you were a kid and someone would wake you up for school, but you would pretend you were asleep… ...until they got FED UP, threw water on you & said “Enough! Get up!” (eh..hem... thanks Mom..)

Well, that’s kind of what I’m talking about here, except for your ABS!!

(If you never let your abs go into sleep mode, then congrats to you…gold star; but for the rest of us, here’s what I would do:

I should preface this by saying.. everyone can have a 6-Pack if they want it! Everyone. I used to weight 80lbs more than I do in my photos here… so I personally know that even those for whom a “6-Pack” sounds far away, I’m here to tell you that you can & can quickly if you put your mind to it!

I Like to time my abs just right. If I haven’t worked my abs out regularly for a while, I don’t want to do it the DAY BEFORE I need them to shine, because if I wait that long, they will be so swollen, and not in a good way. They will hurt so bad, I wont even be able to flex them, which is what I like to do to show them off.

Here’s How I time my abs just right for an event on Saturday:

Monday: Really “Throw that water on them,” and what I mean is, blast them out the best way you know how. No short cuts. No excuses. No time for other weightlifting that day. When “waking up the abs,” I focus on my abs as the star of the day’s workout… not as an after thought at the end of the workout of another muscle group. This helps me keep on track and give them the attention they deserve and have been missing!

After about 30 minutes, I feel like it doesn’t even hurt that much anymore, so then I keep going.



Tuesday: do a workout of another muscle group & let your abs rest. After about 24 hours from your Monday Blast-out session, you’ll start to really feel it.

Wednesday: Rest your Abs Cuz OUCH>>>>> OUCH>>>> REALLY REALLY OUCH>>>>

Thursday: Rest Still Cuz: AWWWWWW STILL? OUCH OUCH For real!

Wednesday and Thursday your abs will hurt so bad. They might even be so swollen like I mentioned, that you can’t even flex them or isolate what’s what, because it will just be a huge area of ouch!

Friday Morning: Things should start to calm down ab-wise, but they will still have a tinge when you work them. This is good because you’ll really feel what areas you are working.

Do your normal ab routine. No need to be a crazy person like Monday, but do a good job.


Saturday: IT’s SHOWTIME!

Your abs should still have a tiny tinge…feeling like they’ve been worked, but not so painful you can’t flex.

They will be a little swollen, but in a good way, they’ll be standing up at attention. Plus, you’ll be able to hold them tight and keep them flexed while you show them off, which is a good way to continue making them look tight for your look, and its also an isometric exercise which continues to strengthen your abs.. so you’re getting an extra advantageous bonus workout without even trying basically.

Use some bronzer, self tanner, or body makeup if you like, to make things appear more prominent (we all know what I mean) And go and show it off!


Jennifer Lowe



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