How to Stretch your Christian Louboutin Heels or Shoes if they are Too Tight

Sometimes you’re in the heat of the moment, and you buy some GORGEOUS shoes to go with a fabulous designer bikini! But the NEXT Day you realize that the designer shoe sizes run way too small, and now you’re stuck with a pair of shoes you can’t even wear because they’re so tight! WHAT DO YOU DO??!!

Also, a lot of times, a pair of heels might continuously rub in one certain spot, making it impossible to wear for long periods of time. If this is a problem you have had, then really, you need to see this video.

How I Learned To STRETCH MY Christian Louboutin heels and leather shoes…

Believe it or not… I was at a THRIFT STORE in UTAH about 20 years ago! I saw a really cute pair of shoes.. but they were way too small for me. A lady working there told me about this quick fix! I didn’t buy those shoes, But I went home and I tried it for myself on a different pair… and then another … and then another… It WORKED BEYOND BELIEF!

Since then,  I haven’t had to break in a pair of shoes the traditional way ever again!

Then a few years later, I had a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes that
was WAY too tight. I took them to at least 3 different Cobblers to have
them stretched. Finally… one of the shoe shop guys told me…

…”NO WAY.. I don’t want to be responsible for messing these up. They’re TOO EXPENSIVE. If you stretch them anymore, they’ll ripple. That’s as FAR as I’ll Go!”

I Took them home, I thought it was hopeless. Until One day I thought “Wait… what if…Oh no no no…I can’t try that on my Christian Loubotins! They’re too Expensive! What if they get ruined!” But then I thought… “What good are they anyway if you can’t wear them? Threre’s almost NO RESELL value because I’ve worn them. Might as well try it!”

I cannot TELL YOU HOW MUCH this method to Stretch Christian Louboutin Shoes Has Helped ME!!

I now use this method to stretch all my Christian Louboutin heels because right out of the box, they are so uncomfortable you really can only wear them for short amounts of time. After you see my method of stretching your Christian Loboutin shoes, it’ll seriously change the way you look at and wear designer heels.

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Now… Here’s a Quick Look at Some Gorgeous Louboutin Shoes (Perfectly Stretched Of Course) Paired with one of my Bikini Designs. Let Me know what you think!


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    Thats Wonderful!!! Im So happy it helped

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    I did this and it worked! Thank you so much as I was worried I wouldn’t be able to wear my highly sought after louboutins!

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    Hello, I came across your video and I was reading through the comments. I just recent bought Galativi strass pump. It has crystals all around the shoe and it’s made of suede and tonal fishnet upper material. I am kind of hesitant to try this method because of the crystals but one foot is really tight on the toes area. Help, please!

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    Hi Namrata! I dont know about the arch, but I would go with no. thats the shape and size of the sole and I dont know anything thats going to change that. 100mm isnt very high… so perhaps your shoe is too long? I had a pair too long… 150mm high and it feels like my foot will rip in 1/2 any time i put them on . I should really sell those. Pigalle is very small in the toe box, but they can stretch

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    ITs probably fine. Glitter comes off every time you wear it anyway, but its not put on by heat like crystals is. I think you’re fine. Maybe try it in a small area before doing the whole shoe

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    Alright!!! Im so happy to Hear it!! You’re So welcome & thanks for sharing!

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    I’m obsessed with your joy!!! Such a fun and liiiiiife saving video. I JUST got my first pair of Loubs ever and took a chance at sizing. I was off by 1/2 size in Pigalles and this trick 10000% worked. I’m so relieved. Thank you much!

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    Jordan VanderLey

    Would this work on the glitter heels? My sister bought me the silver glitter ones for my wedding and I almost cried from pain. Would the heat affect the glitter?

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    Namrata Sachdev

    I am trying to break in a pair of leather 100mm CL pigalle and boy are they tight in the toe box. I will surely try your trick.
    After wearing them for 3-4 hours my feet are swollen. Does the arch get comfortable with time?

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    HAHA omg youre so funny Im sure your foot isn’t fat. these are just made unbearably skinny!!!!

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    It should be fine! becareful on the stitching though. You dont wantt o stretch the holes where the needle has gone through to sew. I did that and it made it come apart from the leather underneath. Mine was the Trash 299 degrees. So the clear was sewn to leather underneath, with a bunch of cool stuff pressed in between. I kinda messed it up around the seam. Youre fine though with the plastic!

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    Hello sweetie! Absolutely lovedddd your video – so great. My adorable new husband just bought me a beautiful pair of stunning clear/pvc peep toe black loubs (stunning frill detail on the front) which I love. The length is perfect but the width omg I can’t fit my fat ass foot in them barely. I went to the shop to try exchange but absolutely no other sizes in them (kill me ! ) do you think the heat trick would work on the clear plastic or burn it??? Xx

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    You know what… I would be so so careful. I’ll be honest I have a $5K pair of Strass and I wouldnt try it on my own so I would not reccommend it. Here’s what I did for mine… get an actual stretcher liquid… its what youre supposed to use. It wont give dramatic results like the heat, but it will be slowly but sureely.
    I take a cloth and really soak the leather with it before I wear them, and the body heat of your foot will help. Then also use a high heel shoe stretcher to slowly slowly stretch.
    Im sure yours came with the same note as mone which said… blah blah blah… yeah it took 12 days of someone sitting here and painstakenly putting these on one by one.
    I DONT BELIEVE it! Personally… I think thats BS and just a justification of why they sharge so much, but really, I think its BULLLSHYYT HAHA and here’s why… If they really do that, when how are they all the same? I think they are actually placed with a template hot fix pattern and then stamped on to the outter fabric with a heat press.
    I dont know that to be a fact, but as a designer, thats what I do, because thats the only thing to make it make business sense, and also, to make them all the same and take out the possibility of human error.
    Why is that important? Because… if the stones are put on with crystal glue, heat wouldnt bother it. If its put on with a heat press, heat will make them come off. So it matters.

    on the one hand… an heat press would have to be at least 270 degrees to make the glue melt enough.. but I wouldn’t risk it.
    Also, because, depending on the composition of the crystals… whether glass or acrylic… they could turn yellow with heat.
    I know acrylic does turn yellow with heat.
    I do not know if glass does. I’d play it safe on these!!! XOXO

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    Jeannine Sawyer-Brown

    Hi! I just bought the Crystal flats Louboutins! They’re beautiful but toooooo tight in the toes . I’m glad I found you! Before I try this, will the heat cause the crystals to come off?

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    I love red bottoms, but have Never been able to find some that fit. That is until I ran across your video. I just bought a new pair of basic black Eloise’s and decided to give your trick a try. They just finished cooling down and I put them back on right away without the socks, and wow! They fit her perfectly! I will be sure to sing your praises to anybody that I know. Everyone needs to know about this! Thank you for getting a call into her red bottom beauties. <3

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    OMG Monique!!!!! I LOVE YOUR STORY!!!! Thank you SOO much! Really that means the WORLD to me!! OMG Im SO SO Happy to have Helped!! Literally, as you can see, Im a clothing/ swimsuit designer, Shoes are not even what I do! but I just LOVE Louboutins and I found this out so HAD to share it with the WORLD! Im SO Happy you Found my Video!!! I have never owned SO Kates or Pigalles because they look like Bloody Murder to me!! OMG I am so Happy this helped make them work for you YAY!!!!!!!!!
    Yeah girl I sewer at Neimans the girls there do not wear them, they do not know the actual sizing. They will just sell you whatever they can. And if they don’t have the size you need, they will just convince you of something else to get their commission/quotas, ive experienced it myself, its really ridiculous. The Loubotin store will straight up tell you they mostly run a good full size small. HOWEVER… thats not even across the board!!! So how can anyone ever know! RIGHT?! Cuz when youre in the store, you’ve got the adrenaline and you DONT Realize the pressure yet.

    Anyway… SUPER HAPPY to Hear your Story!!!! And you’re Brilliant, yeah you can never tell him they were too small cuz itll ruin how good he felt giving them to you and u need him to feel like the MAN!! So yeah just next time youre in the market for them, be like… “yeah each style runs a little differently so I love surprises but I gotta make sure I can try it on for sure 😉 .” And If he gets them for you without u trying them on first, like a surprise since maybe he thinks he nows your size now… like make sure you try them on on carpet at home 1st before you commit to wearing them, that way u can do the ol’ switch-eroo on your own at the store and he wont even know! XOXO -Jen

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    Hi!! Yeah I really think that might be the easiest material to try. Patent is so shiney that it can show stretch marks if youre not careful, but Suede is the easiest and most resilient. Its really the BEST one XOXO- Jen

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    Hey everybody… does the heating techniques work for suede? Just bought a pair of Pigalle blue heels and the toe is just too snug. Want to soften and stretch a bit.
    Any advice?

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    Hi, Beautiful! I have a little story for you…

    My awesome hubs threw me a huge, swanky 40th in January and had planned to decorate the tables with CL shoes (because he’s balls-to-the-wall and I didn’t own any), but the cost got OUTTA CONTROL. I’m a giant cheap-ass, so I slapped him and nearly fainted. To his disappointment, the store he sent me shopping in for my bday outfit didn’t carry CLs, so I happily bought a beautiful pair of Aquazzura stilettos. Happy girl!

    So, for Valentine’s Day he gave me two gorgeous pairs of Loubs…rose gold sequin So Kate and classic black Decollete. SQUEEEE!! I’m usually a 7-7.5 US, so he bought 37.5. The Decollete was perfection…the So Kate a little snug on the toes but not horrible. I was new to the Loub Crew and thought, “Ok, no problem. I got this. I’m winning at life and all things beautiful.” In pure moronic, cheap-ass fashion, I made the EPIC mistake of waiting to wear the So Kate until our day-long, 100-year work anniversary party in April. Boss’s wife gotta represent, ya know? ALL. DAY. LONG. O. M. G. “My toes! My TOES!! My feet hate me. Everyone hates me. CL is the DEVIL.” By the end of the night, I couldn’t even get my sausage feet into the shoes. I wanted to cry. I think I DID cry…both for the waste of beautiful shoes and the actual excruciating pain.

    Fast forward…my hubs offers to take me shopping. I’m NOT going to tell him no…DUH! We walk into Neimans, so, naturally, my husband wants more…more pain, maybe?! With the help of my super-knowledgeable sales guy, Nervous Nelly gets another pair of PVC So Kate in 38 and a pair of patent Pegalle Follies in 37.5. I didn’t size up too much because my skinny heel was all sorts of flopping around in the bigger shoes. The sales guy said the Pegalle would give and stretch over time, so sizing up would risk them eventually being too big. Both were a great fit in store…not so great when I wore the So Kate….again “MY TOES!! CL is a murderous demon. I’m not meant for high fashion. Where’s DSW?? I give up. Life sucks. DONE.

    Then I find your video. *cue bright sunshine, birds singing, rainbows and unicorns* GAME. CHANGER. My Pegalles went from foot-mutillating razor blades to decently comfortable 100mm stilettos. I will now venture to stretch my PVC So Kates so I can actually wear them to places other than a sit-down, take-your-awful-shoes-off dinner.

    You have changed my fashion life for the better.

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    HI VAlery! Thanks! Glad you love it!! I havent tried it personally on suede, but people have told me its fine. You know, what I would do.. this is what I would do with any new material of which Im not certain… how about you try some heat on it in some not obvious place, and see if its fine? Thats how I found out you do not do it on pony hair! It cinged the hair a bit, and I noticed it before it became obvious, I just saw a couple hairs curling so I stopped. I dont see any reason why it wouldnt work on suede, in fact I think it would probably work better than any other materials really, but always rule of thumb, if you’re not sure, just check a little before you go all the way 🙂

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    I looooove your video.. i have a question is this ok for suede loubatins?

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    HI Cheleah! Im not sure what you mean by 27…. 27.5.. if that is perhaps in a different country sizing than Im used to.. I didnt know Louboutin made any smaller than 35. Maybe you meant 37? 37.5? Anyway, either way, yes I do advise going a full size up when possible for comfort

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    HI Danyella!!!! Please excuse the slow response! Ive been traveling with my new Boyfriend 🙂 :D!!!!
    YES!!! I always go up a full size, with very few exceptions… only when the shoe runs way bigger than normal. But yours seem to run just about right, which is a full size too small. ITs crazy the store ladies dont know this. Probably because they dont make enough to afford shoes like this rhemselves so they dont really know other than trying it on for a minute or 2.
    If your shoe slips off in the back, get a heel grip pad. If its a sling back, they sell a gel heel grip at target. It wont stick on very good with the self adhesive, so what I recommend is get some e6000 glue from Target or walmart, home depot.. anywhere. Anyway, get that glue its the best for this type of thing. Anyway, try it out with the self adhesive 1st to make sure its the right fit, then glue it for good with the e6000. It’ll never move after that unless you really really want to be rid of it and work it off at some point. As for the tight one, yes try the stretch trick if its too late to take them back, but for real I’d try to go a ful size big if possible. When its not possible then do the heat trick and also store them with shoe shapers or stretchers logded in there. a brand called foot-fitter makes a shoe stretcher for heels. Ive bought some before and I find that if you do heat and then store them with the stretchers lodged in there, then they wont shrink back down like it sometimes can if left empty. Then also you can twist the handle from time to time and give them a little more stretch, but I would heat them up any time youre gonna stretch them so that the stretch and give somes from the leather loosening up and not from pulling at the seams of your shoes. xoxo

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    HI Caroline!! I wouldnt worry, half sock or full sock is ok.. the only place its gonnna stretch is wear you put your heat! So just focus the heat where you want it. The sock is really just to protect your feet from the heat, and to provide the push once the leather loosens form the heat. Either way will be fine, just put the heat when you need it 🙂 XOXO

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    HI Paula!! YAY!!! Im So happy this Worked for you too!!! Im so happy you love your SHoes!!! Will you follow me on instagram and then I can follow you back so I can see a pic of your shoes!! XOXO <3 Jen .. My instagram is this: @watervixenswim

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    Hi Una!! Suede should be just fine! I think Satin Too. Most likely the satin ones would have a thin leather liner inside for the foot. I’d still try it. XOXO Jen

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    So sweet of you! I’d Love to be your friend! And Im So sorry about the Sow response! Ive been traveling all over with my new Boyfriend 🙂 <3 So fun! YES!! Im SO Happy it helped!! XOXO

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    Hiiiiii how are you . I need help. I am usually a 27 and i have the LB Bianca patent leather . I got a 27.5 and i can’t go more w the length because then it would be too big . But my toes are kind of tight . I’m not sure if i can stretch them or bring them back .

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    Just watched your video and I’m trying it out right now. I got the new prive patent leather peep toe 120mm and the sales person told me to go at least a 1/2 size up ( which I did). I’m normally a 7.5 so I got the 38. I keep reading different opinions on a 1/2 size to full size up. My right foot the back of my foot keeps sliding out it’s just the toe box that’s killer! However my left foot is my fatter foot and LORD my toes are numb right now lol I’m really praying that I can stretch these bitches out bc I really don’t feel like returning them! Do you think I should’ve gone a full size up? I don’t like when my feet fly out of pumps in the back.

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    Hi, my laboutins are tight in the toes but ok round the heel. Should I just wear half a sock round my toes do you think? Worried if I a wear whole thick sock my shoes will stretch in the wrong place and toe box will be better but shoes may slip off my heel?

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    You. Are. A. Lifesaver! I just purchased my first pair of Louboutin’s, and was told a size 37 should fit my size 7 foot perfectly. As you guessed, the toes were soooo tight, and I was utterly disappointed! All that money for nothing! Except, your video came along, taught me a new shoe trick, and voila! Louboutins that fit!!! I showed this to my best friend who runs a high end/designer thrift store, and we have decided you need to be our friend; so you can teach us this sort of things! Haha! Thank you for sharing! You are awesome!

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    Una Croskery

    Another materials question! I have a pair of suede Louboutins and also a sort of satin type pair. What’s your thoughts on the heat trick with them?

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    So I got a cold but tonight with the help of some wine I decided to put my beloved shoes to the test. I wore one ankle-length sports sock (A more ‘average’ sock) under a huge fuzzy sock (Like what you wear in the video.). So people don’t get concerned, here’s how it happened to me with my PVC, pointed toe shoes that were a size too small:

    1. OMG can I even get this shoe on?! Oh–I can. Both shoes? Color me surprised. Still, the socks are so thick and shoes too small I need to stand in them to ensure my foot is all the way in.


    3. I bet this hair drier thing won’t work and will take forever to warm up–ow ow ow hot hot HOT!!!!@

    4. At this stage I did what you did in the video, putting all my weight onto the shoe, giving even heat coverage, walking in them; A few things I did that I didn’t see you mention was wiggling my toes and stretching them apart, as I have shoes with a pointed toe that make me suspect there’s a conspiracy to make women love things that hurt us–AKA pointed Louboutin’s!

    5. The shoes are hot–or rather, my toes, specifically, are too hot to keep the hair drier on them. I take them off the heat and change sound laundry, grab wine, and strangely, scare one of my cats into hissing hysterically at the sight of me in big fuzzy socks and stilettos. Both my cats are stylish but my main kit-kal-gal-pal is willing to tolerate this awkward fashion moments to create a better fashion moment. Dude cat isn’t. Weird.

    6. I sit and, with the shoes being room temperature, take off the shoe, the big fuzzy sock, and put the shoe back on.
    I do the same with the second shoe which is a tad tighter. Both don’t give my little toe the room it needs for me not to consider having it amputated to wear shoes (People have actually done that!). I put the fuzzy’s back on, pour some wine, and sitting on a foot stool, hit the shoes with the hair drier for another 5 to 10. Being PVC, the process seemed to go WAY faster than even in your video, probably being plastic and a thin layer of it.

    7. I place around but mainly put focus on the toes and especially stretching them apart, which hair drier or not, the shoe isn’t about to let me deform it, so that’s nice. Finally I take the shoes off, the fuzzy socks off, and try them on.
    This time the socks under the thick ones–the tighter, normal socks–for the first time extra fabric gathers at the toes! I slip these socks off and the shoes on.
    And. They. Fit.

    I still may give them one more heat blast later, but Jen, I can’t thank you enough for sharing this method. You saved the pair of shoes I love the most!!!!

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    Hey Paula! Actually this whole thing was intended for PVC originally, I just found out it worked for leather also when I tried it, and I do it all the time now. The first few times I did it back in College was PVC. Youre fine.. try it, I think you’ll be happy with it. The problem with doing the ice trick on pvc or any shoe for that matter is that it doesnt necessarily stretch the leather or pvc .. it forces outward without really stretching the material first, which is why that can tear the glue or rip out where the material meets the sole. So, I wouldnt do the ice, no way. DEfinitely youre so OK with PVC.. thats the EASIEST material to do the heat on, by far! Let me know how it goes!! XOXO Jen

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    Hello! I really need some help; Like most commenters, I got a pair of shoes in my size that I bought online, and wasn’t able to try on this or any other pair. It mentioned it ran small, but typically I have toe room and a half size up usually is too big! Now a half size up is what I need ASAP! The shoes are out of stock and no longer sold, and are the Debout Disco PVC heels. The bottoms are leather, pointed tip of the shoe is. . .I honestly don’t know what material it is, but it’s hard and contains bits of holographic foil in it. The rest of the shoe is PVC. I read somewhere that it’s risky with PVC, but I’ve tried the toe taping trick, and currently have a shoe with a bag of water in the freezer to try and help it expand. I have a Dyson and am ready to use it so long as it doesn’t ruin my shoes! Thank you so much for all your awesome help!

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    HI! Thanks for your message. Oh my goodness take them back! GEt your size girl for sure! I can’t believe the sales lady said to go smaller! THe only reason she would have done that is she wanted the sale and she could tell the loose strap was a point of contention for you.. and that you hadn’t noticed the pain yet of the smaller size. Oh no! GEt the one that fits! Are you kidding LOL.. a strap is nooo problem at all. You can add a new tighter hole in like 2 minutes yourself with a steak knife or better yet, a safety pin!

    Just use a dang saftey pin, and shove it through the leather in the strap right where you need it. Perfect new hole. Then put the buckle through it, it’ll be a tight fit in the hole at first, but it’ll stretch just right to the hole after some time wearing it.

    If you keep the tighter shoe, you’ll never be happy with them, but if you get the size you know is right, and you add a hole, you’ll still need to stretch those out over time, but at least you will wear them and not regret them!! You know what I mean!?

    Hope that helps XOXO Jen

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    Claire thonpson

    Hi I have just purchased the twistissama Strass patent and silk 8.5 shoe.
    I’m normally a 38 but the straps were loose around my skinny ankles! The lady reccommended I try on the 37.5 and it did fit my foot more snug. Problem is, I’ve bought them and they are really pinching at the toes. Should I take them back for next size up? (If I do I will need closer holes punched in the strap) or should I just try break them in. Will the mesh material stretch enough? Will my toes still be crushed with the size 38?
    Feeling stressed and welcome your thoughts!!!

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    Hi! Omg you are in a pickle! Ok I’m going to help. & aww you’re so sweet thank you! That’s such kind words.
    Ok please explain: what do you mean when you say “their heal is about 1 inch max”?
    I don’t uunderstand what that means or why would it prevent the heat trick from working… just wear them & heat them up. The heat trick doesn’t matter how high the heel is, you can do this on flats!
    I’m gonna tell you though your shoes are a good full size too small!
    You’re gonna need to heat them a lot.
    Also… what I did on some flats recently when they rubbed my toe too much… after I heated them up Good, I popped a nail polish bottle into the toe & jammed it in there… so it would force up the leather in the area where my toe was rubbing..& then set that way for a day… that helped …& then I didn’t have to wear them the entire time!
    Definitely do the heat trick… you should feel them loosen up. & then maybe jam something in there to hold the shape even after you take them off.

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    Hi!! I need help please! Got my first CL shoes, the mad boots. I’m usually a 8.5 and so I got a 38.5 bc the 39 felt too big on me, of course I tried on with panty hose instead of socks. Now they’re completely sold out. I’ve been wearing them for about an hour and they feel a little tight especially on my right foot. I’m doing the heating trick but their heel is about 1 inch max, how can I put more of my weight on it. Btw first time I’ve seeing you and my impression is that you’re that girl everyone wants to be friend with!!! Thanks for your help!

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    Oh yeah and regarding how long to heat… depends on the material and the thickness of it. I did a pair yesterday that had spikes over the leather and I swear the spikes were preventing the heat to reach the leather so it took longer than ever, but it still worked like a charm. What is the material you are stretching? Patent leather? Regular leather? Or something else? I’d say at least 3 min… you’ll feel it loosen up & you just go with how it feels. Your heart will know! LOL, it’s true though, you’ll just feel it 🙂

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    Tina!! Thanks for your comment! It sounds like this isn’t your size.
    In my experience Louboutins run a full size too small about 95% of the time.
    I’m USA size 8, and 39 louboutins most always fit me perfect. I’ve only got a couple 38.5s that fit, & I do have a 40 that fits.
    Girl… if you’re size 11 I’m saying u need to get back to the store before it’s too late & exchange it while u still can & I would advise you don’t try to stretch it because if you do, you most likely can’t take them back.
    I know 8 is 39. And I know 9 is usually 40. Therefore I’m gonna assume 41 is 10.
    I would try a full size up if possible!! But At Least a half size or you’ll be in agony for sure.
    Hope this helps!! Please let me know what u end up doin

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    Tina Dawson

    How long do we heat them up for? I bought a size 41 because I normally am a size 11 but they are too tight in the toes. I don’t know if I should size up .5 then stretch them out or try and stretch them out in the size I have! (I don’t want to mess them up they are my first pair) Thank you !!

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    You might want to be careful on the velvet. I have not tried it on velvet and this is really more for leather and fake leather. you might burn the fuzz. I know it burns pony hair from personal experience. So I might start in a un-noticable area and if the velvet starts to fray at all, stop. Velvet.. what is the backing? Is it cloth? If its cloth you might be better off using shoe stretcher liquid or even water. If its got a leather backing then you could heat it up inside before putting them on.THe velvet most likely doesnt need to stretch, its most likely the backing that is holding the shape.

  44. Avatar

    Hi there beautiful I just received my first pair of Red Bottoms for my Bday last month The Velvet OTK Boot . . Soooo sexy & I’ve barely worn them :(( Too Tight in the Toe & A Sz. 12 I will definitely try this.. & update you… I’m hoping the heat won’t affect the Velvet.

  45. Avatar

    Aww congrats on the shoes!!!! and For lookin so hot! Ok so… If youre not gona wear them at all till that day… I would do it the day b4 with the socks and all and wear them a while. Then, store them over night stuffed full and tight w socks so they dont shrink back.. but make sure theyre totally cooled off Before you take them off!!!
    Then, night of: try them on as youre getting ready for your bday party. If they feel good then youre golden. If they feel a little tight then do it again…. but the thing is.. you’ll be getting ready so prolly sitting and your weight wont be in them… so you’ll need to allow some time you can stand in them w the socks, and they might not have time to cool all the way this time, but if you let them cool kind of on day-of, and so theyre mostly cool… then it should be ok to jsut take the socks off then… right when youre going out… so itll just mold to your foot, but wont be too hot.
    Also… I would recommenced to get some moleskin from the pharmacy section of Any store.. target Walmart, wherever… cut it into some 1 inch squares. That way… throughout the night.. if you feel pressure anywhere, or rubbing, since theyre new and your foot isnt accustomed to them.. you can pop one of those squares on… and no pain. Its kinda like putting a bandaid on in the area you need padding.. but more effective, and its more like a proactive approach.. so you put it on b4 you get a blister and prevents getting one at all, rather than getting a terrible blister and then putting a bandaid on it and living in pain. 🙂 Happy Birthday!!!! XOXO- Jen

  46. Avatar

    HI! Heel slipping up… do you mean… the back of the shoe falling off your heel? Or is the heel of the shoe actually slipping around? I think if your shoes high heel is slipping around.. you need more trackion. GEt some new heel caps. also get more tracktion by adding red rubber vibram soles to the toe part. you’ll have perfect traction. If the shoe is slipping off your foot.. depends on what type of shoe? If the shoe’s heel is full and cups around the heel, then get a regular heel grip.I get mine at the dollar store, but they have them at Target too if you like to pay 5x as much. If its a sling back.. then u wana get a skinny little silicone heel grip strip. Its clear and I glue mine right inside the sling. Those Ive only seen at target.. theyre about $5 I think. then… if its still slipping then put a pad under the toe area of the shoe inside the shoe.. but like.. right where your weight is rested in the shoe. this will add a touch more size to your foot.. pushing it back a little more toward the heel grip, so that the grip takes hold. I do have the Strass Lady Peep 150s and those… dang.. one of them was so large I actually doubled up on the heel grips. HAd to becasue the next size down was sold out all over the world.. so I had to get what they had. I doubled up on heel grip on one side, and the other side didnt need it. If you need to double up… super glue one to the other.. or use e6000. tHats industrial strength adhesive from Target or home depot and its about $3-4 and its the best. E6000 works on crystals and metal and leather.. omg everything, but the best part is it wont run and stick your fingers together like super glue. Much cleaner Muah! XOXO

  47. Avatar

    HI! maybe a could of minutes.. you’ll feel when the leather starts to give 🙂
    Patent leather is fine 🙂 please read my messages on the 24th and the 12th about patent leather. your main concern will be stretch marks, but its not bad, its kind of a necessary thing if they need to stretch a lot 🙂 thanks! XOXO

  48. Avatar

    HI! the heat was fine on the patent for me… please read my response to the other comment on oct 24… see it can cause stretch marks, but thats not because of the heat.. thats just beacause of the stretch. The only materials Ive had a bad effect from the heat was pony hair. the heat began to singe the hairs, so dont do that! Also because this has happend to me, I wouldnt try it on my python shoes.. the scales in python skin are so delicate. I wouldnt even try heat on that. But leather, patent leather… any of that.. should be just fine. Its cowhide and so resilient. 🙂 xoxo

  49. Avatar

    HI!!! YES! the first pair i did it on was patent leather Louboutins! The thing you should atch out for though is.. if you stretch patent too much it can get stretch marks. Like a belly when a lady is pregnant. Theyre not too noticable.. but it can happen.. and not just with this method, but even the old fashioned method at the shoe shop. Thats why the shops try not to stretch them very much. That 1st pair I had had stretched at least 5 times and the guy wouldnt do it anymore because he didnt wanna be responsible for messing them up… so I did it cuz I wanted to be able to tolerate wearing them!! Otherwise.. what good are they in my closet, and re-sell value isnt much, so I’d rather wear them. The stretch marks look like… jsut ok.. have you seen ripples in a girls breast implants when she has saline? Its just a ripple where it gets thiner… its really not that bad and it wasnt in a super noticable place.. it was just on the sides where you need it stretched the most … cuz thats where your foot will push most and stretch it… So really I think if youre going to stretch patent.. this would be the way I would do it, so that you only get the stretch marks where its absoluetly necessary. rather than random.. as it would be if they were stretched at a shop 🙂

  50. Avatar

    Of course!!! You know it would be better if you stuff them w something to keep the shape. Maybe socks or a shoe stretcher or shoe tree. You dont wanna have to do this every time, but if you leave them they can go back 🙂

  51. Avatar

    Amazing result Thankyou will it hold or should I do it each tome I’m going to wear them

  52. Avatar

    Hey there, thank you for your tip! Can this be done on patent louboutins ? I’ve just bought a pair (ordered online!) and my toes look all squashed Not a good look and can’t imagine wearing them for too long.

  53. Avatar

    Thank you! Will the heat affect a patent leather louboutin?

  54. Avatar

    I have a question. I just got sime toot mignonne 1/2 size bigger, last pair, but I have a bad ankle and my right foot doesn’t comfortable like the left. I brought for my 50th bday party in December and won’t wear them until then. Should I do the sock fit now or close to when I’ll wear them. It’s awesome that you have a post for this issue. I thank you.

  55. Avatar

    Also, any tips for preventing the heel from slipping up occasionally when I am walking.

  56. Avatar

    About how long should I heat up the shoe and does it matter that it is patent leather?

  57. Avatar

    Yay Linda!!! So Happy to hear this!!! OMG SO Happy I saved your Feet, your look, and and his ego!! Hehe 😉 XOXO Love Jen

  58. Avatar

    Thank you… Thank you… Thank you!! My fiancé purchased a pair of Christian Louboutins as a gift for me to wear at a party we’re going to next week. He was so excited to buy these for me, I didn’t have the heart to tell him they were tight and uncomfortable around my toes. I started to panic at the thought of wearing the shoes the entire night and how much my feet were going to hurt my feet. I did what any respectable person would do, I googled it and found your video. I piled on the socks, fired up the hairdryers and voilà.. I have a pair of beautiful and comfortable shoes. Thank you so much for your video and my feet thank you too!!

  59. Avatar

    OMG KiandraC! Im SOO happy this worked for you!!! Yes wow so cool to know that a thick sock can work just as good, thanks for sharing!! The main point of the sock is to give you some room, and also to protect your skin from the heat so you don’t hurt yourself. So cool to know that a thick sock works just as good!! XOXO Thank you SO much for telling me about it and Im so happy it worked for you! Oh my gosh it has saved the day so many times. So funny when Im out and girls say their shoes are uncomfortable… Im like… “wow sucks to be you LOL.. don’t know know the trick?!!!”
    So happy your shoes are rescued! And your feet 😉 LOL XOXO Jen

  60. Avatar

    Omg! This worked! I have the seava flat disco glitter sneaker…..Instead of 2 pair of socks…I put on a very thick sock! Thank you soooooo much!! I was devastated that they were tight…because they are sold out!….Thanks a bunch!!!

  61. Avatar

    Stacey!!!! Thats AWESOME!!! You made my day. You’re Very Welcome. Yeah I know what you mean!! Been there big time! IM SOOO Happy this worked for you!! Another tip… in between wears, it’ll help if you stuff ’em with rolled up socks in the stretched area if you aren’t wearing them too often. That way, they’ll keep their width and wont settle back

  62. Avatar
    Stacy Yoselevsky

    You saved my life! I ordered my size (it was the last pair) and I was crushed that they were too tight in the toes! Now they fit like a glove! xoxoxo

  63. Avatar

    Aww thanks!! You’re So Sweet!! Lets Be friends! YEah the Heat is the trick! The sock is just to protect your feet from the heat!! 😉 LOL, theres no magic with just the sock. Its all in the heat. Also, the sock adds a bit of sizing as well when you’re heating it with the hair dryer. The thickness of a sock is what… maybe 2mm or 3mm? So you add 2 socks… you’re getting approx .5cm added space around your foot. SO.. if it was tight before (which is was or you wouldnt try it)… the sock adds a buffer around the exact shape of your foot. SO really… I guess both parts work together. really you can’t have one without the other!! Im So happy it worked for you!!! XOXOOX Jen

  64. Avatar

    Um I love her and wanna be her friend. The sock trick wasn’t working until I heated them up!! Heeey! To get the size and the pitch of the heel right you have to downsize a half but it makes the top too tight!

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