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Jennifer Lowe

Jennifer 1st began creating swimwear for herself years ago after getting frustrated swimsuit shopping because no matter what size she was or how toned she became, swimsuits didn’t fit her right.

After graduating Magna Cum Laude with a business marketing degree from a strict, private, extremely conservative university, Jennifer began working as a Marketing Director, but has always had a passion for creating swimsuits in which women can feel comfortable and confident.

“Even the most confident and gorgeous women, no matter how crazy this may sound to others, believe it or not, sometimes can have certain concerns when it comes to wearing a bikini, ” says Jennifer. “When I was younger, I thought it was just me, but soon I realized every woman of every size has similar concerns & it usually boils down to the fit. So… Why can’t someone just make bikinis THAT FIT?

“I realized it wasn’t that MY BODY didn’t fit bikinis… it was that MOST BIKINIS were made without any real regard for fitting a woman’s body in a flattering way.”

Finally, after years of people asking her where she got her bikinis, and if she would make them one… she finally started saying “Yes.”

Requests became overwhelming, so that’s when she stopped making it on her own, got proper manufacturing to make the quality second to none.

“My design philosophy is this: If I had 100 swimsuits laying in a drawer, and I needed to wear something that’s going to make me LOOK and FEEL AMAZING (+ also comfortable)… I ONLY want to make THAT ONE I would pick in that circumstance. If I wouldn’t pick it among all the others.. then I don’t make that one, I make a better one. “

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