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Bikini How-To

How to Rock a Gold Bikini Like a Bond Girl

Over the past century, Bond Girls have become some of our culture’s most sexy female icons, with a powerful presentation of beauty, sophistication, and danger. She is the girl who is always in control with sexy confidence, always fixed to perfection and

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How to Wash a Bikini

We women love to look great in a bikini, especially when it comes to our Luxury Swimwear. Therefore its really important to know how to wash a bikini properly so that we can get our money’s worth by keeping our designer swimwear looking new and vibrant. Sometimes its hard to know exactly what to do, but no worries that is why we are here to help you out! Here is a small list of the materials that you will need to wash your swimsuit properly.

What You’ll Need:

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How to Pick the Best Sunglasses for your face Shape

What is the best sunglass frame for your face? Sunglasses are an essential everyday item.  Whether it is warm or cold, when the sun is shinning you need a pair of sunglasses.  Since we use sunglasses so often it is important to find a pair that frames your face, & enhances your already gorgeous look!

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